snowElias Garage is proud to announce that we can offer a Free Winter Safety Check with every job for your Car.

With the days getting shorter and the temperature getting colder, now really is the best time to prepare your car for Winter – with the Free Winter Safety Check from Elias Garage.

What’s involved in the Winter Safety Check?

We will check the following areas:

  • Tyres

We will check the overall condition of your tyres, including the tread depth and pressure.

  • Battery

We will check the battery charge to keep you moving.

  • Coolant and Anti-Freeze

We will ensure the levels are what the Car Manufacturer recommends.

  • Wiper Blades

We will check the condition for any splits or damage.

  • Windscreen Wash

We will check to ensure the system works, and top-up if necessary.

  • Light Bulbs

We will check for any faulty bulbs.


To book, simply contact us now.